All You Need To Know About STDs

Getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease is easy. All you need to do is have unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. Once you have been exposed to the bacteria, virus or fungus, you will start showing symptoms and can pass the disease to uninfected persons. To contain the spread of these diseases, sexually active individuals need to know how they are spread as well as how best to stop their spread.

You do not need to wait until you start showing symptoms before you can start seeking treatment. This is because some sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, do not usually show any signs and symptoms. If you wait too long to seek medical attention, therefore, the damage caused by the disease may be irreparable.

Regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases is highly recommended as it will help you find out if you have been infected with any disease. If infected, you can seek early treatment for the illness. Please note that the chances of successfully treating an STD are highest when it is done early. Therefore, you should get tested early. Fortunately, there are many types of chlamydia home test kits that you can buy online and use to test yourself. If the test comes up positive, you can seek medical attention immediately or you can seek a second opinion first.

How to Avoid an STD Infection

The most effective way of preventing an STD is avoiding sexual contact with any person. This means no vaginal, anal or oral sex. Therefore, you should abstain to eliminate any risk of getting an STD.

If you cannot abstain from having sexual contact with another person, you should think about using condoms. Male latex condoms are the best for preventing both pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you should always have a couple of condoms with you, especially when you are anticipating sexual contact.

If you are sexually active, practicing mutual monogamy is highly recommended. Be sure to get tested together with your partner regularly. In addition to that, both of you should stay faithful to each other to prevent the introduction of a sexually transmitted disease into your relationship.

It is important to note that there are some vaccines that have been developed over the years and they can keep you from contracting some sexually transmitted diseases. For instance, there is an HPV vaccine as well as a hepatitis B vaccine. Be sure to get vaccinated as soon as possible to reduce the chances of getting infected. Most medical facilities have these vaccines or can point you in the right direction.

The Variety Of Music On Cruises

Cruise lines all provide music as a part of its entertainment package. Music on cruises includes tunes from a resident band, musical theater shows, Caribbean music, a classical quartet and piano bars. Of course, each cruise has its own musical lineup based on factors like a theme and target audience. In fact, many facets of the cruise experience are accompanied by live soundtracks.

There are cruises targeted at varying age groups ranging from youth to seniors. Additionally, the size of the ship typically plays a role in how extensive the musical variety will be. For example, it is less likely that there will be classical music, samba, line dancing and jazz on a small ship. Essentially, a riverboat is less likely to have live music beyond a piano-playing singer doing nightly renditions. If you prefer a certain type of live music while you’re at sea, you should check with a few cruise lines before making the final decision.

Music varies by dynamics like a ship, cruise line, time of year and itinerary. The majority of ships, at the very least, have a nightly on board band to set the atmosphere. The band could also play during daylight on sea days. Typically, piano players and bands host theme nights one or two nights during the cruise. During their sets, they will play a particular artist, hits from a certain era or various genres to entertain passengers.

Most cruises, particularly those with warm-weather itineraries or ones departing from Florida, Texas and other Southern U.S. regions, will feature the Caribbean or Latin band on the pool deck at certain points throughout the day. A number of luxury liners use classical quartets as an accompaniment as they host afternoon tea.

The easiest method of navigating the range of musical offerings on board is to consult your cruise program daily for locations and times of all the options. Typically, these are unavailable before sailing begins.

Theater performances, poolside music, piano, live bands and other types of on board music are typically covered in the cost of your fare as a regular aspect of the cruise experience. The only exception is usually if a big-name celebrity is in the lineup and this is usually outlined before boarding. For music-themed cruises, the cost of the concerts is usually covered in your fare.

If you are interested in going to a music festival at sea, there are quite a few from which to choose. The options include heavy metal, indie rock, country, futuristic dance music, and the oldies but goodies. There are a number of theme cruise companies that host popular festivals at sea. These include Kiss Cruise, Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea and Mad Decent Boat Party.

In addition, the Carnival Cruise Line hosts Carnival Live, which is a concert series. It features popular artists in an assigned venue and this attracts an additional fee. Of course, attending the concert is not a requirement for passengers to sail on the cruise. However, attending the show will require an additional payment. You will have the option of regular admission or VIP access. Best of all, ticket prices are usually lower less than what you would typically have to pay on land.

Karaoke is also a very popular type of music on cruises. This can provide a whole lot of enjoyment for seniors, middle-aged and younger passengers. If your dream is to belt your heart out while grooving to your favorite music and the motion of the ocean, you will be happy to know that most ships offer this type of entertainment.

There are also other events that encourage audience participation and this could mean a chance to vibe with the musicians on the cruise ship. There are several cruise ship companies that offer these types of interactive atmosphere. For example, audience members can request songs and sing along to awesome covers of super stars like Mariah Carey and Billy Joel. There are even cruises that feature a Pop Choir, which gives you the opportunity to rehearse with other passengers; this culminates in a live performance.

These are just some of the music on cruises that can be enjoyed by passengers. Whatever your musical preference, you will find a cruise to satisfy your desires.

Learn How To Sing Online

Singing is one of the greatest talents a person can have. The ability to use your vocal chords to produce sweet melodies that can move someone to tears or cheer them up when they are down is an amazing gift. There is a common misconception that singing is a gift that a person is born with, so you are either a great singer or a lousy one depending on your genes. The truth, however, is that singing can be learned. It’s not just the young who can learn to sing; seniors can also learn how to sing online in just a few simple steps.

Singing Lessons

When singing in the bathroom, you may think your voice is great, so you may feel free enough to hit the highest notes your vocal chords can reach. Since you may not properly hear yourself singing, try to record your singing session and listen to yourself singing later on. You may be surprised at how horrible you sound. This will be enough motivation for you to start learning how to sing. The good news is that there are many online programs that can help you learn how to sing different types of songs. These programs are geared towards improving the quality of your voice. You will also learn about the best posture for singing as well as how to position your head and controlling your breathing to ensure you produce the best voice possible.

Most singing programs that are offered online have been created by experienced music instructors and vocalists who know exactly what it takes to become a great singer. To ensure you get the best results possible, be sure to take your time to find the right program for your needs.

Choosing a Music Program Online

The ideal online singing program should have many positive reviews and testimonials from individuals who have successfully completed the program and improved their singing skills. Secondly, you should give strong consideration to an online singing program that has attracted the highest number of users. The best programs are usually the most popular, so be sure to check the number of users a program has before making a decision. The cost of the program should also be considered. While there are many free singing courses, most programs come with a small fee. Ideally, you should start with free programs before you look for premium content to further improve your singing skills.

Benefits of Learning to Sing Online

There are many advantages of learning to sing online as opposed to going for singing classes at your local music school or hiring a private music tutor. They include:

i) Privacy

Many people who do not know how to sing are also naturally shy. This means that they may also have a problem singing in public in front of dozens of strangers. With online singing programs, you can do all the singing at the comforts of your home when you are alone. This level of privacy will allow you to act more freely so that you can do your best to improve your singing skills.

ii) Affordable

Compared to music lessons offered at local music schools, it is much cheaper to study online. You can save a lot of money learning to sing online even if you choose a program that comes at a premium. While you do not mind spending some money to learn this magical skill, you also do not want to spend a lot of money to learn how to sing online.

iii) Convenient Schedules

Online music classes are usually convenient. This is because you can take your classes whenever you want. You might have some time on your hands early in the morning before you go work or late in the night before you go to bed. You can also take your lessons at lunch time or whenever you have some free time on your hands. This makes online programs incredibly convenient.

iv) Learn at Your Own Pace

People have different learning abilities, so you might make slower progress than other people. You might also learn all the singing skills pretty fast. Whatever the case, online singing programs allow the student to learn at their own pace. You can take a few weeks or a few months to learn whatever you need to learn to sing really well. It all depends on you.

Music Is A Well-Rounded Education

The next time you’re taking your online clarinet lessons consider how fascinating nature of music. There is often debate on what can truly be considered music versus just noise. The loose definition of music is any sound arranged in a timed structure. This slightly vague definition means that a lot of sounds could be considered music. Perhaps this is why there are several genres of music and so much to learn. A musical education is truly a well-rounded education.

Traditional forms of music lessons involve learning to read music, a math intensive education. Several forms of music throughout the world do not involve learning to read notes written on a page. However, a large portion of musical education throughout the world does involve learning to read. Reading notes is comprised of understanding what tone the note represents and how long that tone is supposed to be played. Knowing how long to play a note takes a basic understanding of math and fractions. The magical part about this is that you don’t have to understand anything about math to learn to read notes. Learning to understand the rhythms of songs and how they translate to the notes on the page will automatically teach you about math and fractions. Understanding how many quarter notes make a whole note is two lessons in one, music and math.

The learning does not end with math as history is inevitably a part of music. It does not matter what genre of organized sounds you are interested in, all have a history. This history can go back a few years or several hundred years. Since no aspect of life is contained in a vacuum, music history is intermingled with all history. It is not uncommon for music to be heavily influenced by major occurrences in history. The age old debate of whether art influences life or life influences art is certainly born from these moments. Learning about when and where a particular genre of music had its origins typically includes a history lesson. It might be just a brief glimpse of what was going on in one geographical area at a specific time, but it is a history none the less.

The application of science to a musical education is not as obvious as history and math, but it is an important aspect. Music engineers can attest to how science is a part of music. The recording industry has been big business for decades. The science behind recording is a behind the scenes profession that has had a huge influence upon music. It not only involves discovering the best way to put music on a medium that can be played back but also discovering new mediums onto which sounds can be recorded. Recent scientific discoveries in sound have revealed the ability certain notes have to move grains of sand in a specific pattern. This is creating a whole new division of scientific discovery based on specific sounds or notes. Studying the physical effects of music on solid objects is a logical next step.

Science and technology have had their own influence on musical studies by making it more accessible. Computers and the internet have made studying the subject possible virtually anywhere. Before computers and the web were so prolific, studying a particular genre or instrument might not have been possible if a proficient teacher was not in close physical proximity. The internet has connected people and information far and wide permitting a person to access any information desired. Rural living no longer presents an obstacle for learning. A person in Australia could find the best online cello lessons in Austria with the click of a mouse, for a poor example. Recording music is just as effortless with the aid of popular recording studio computer applications. No stone has been left untouched by the reach of computers and the internet and music is no different.
Sounds arranged in a timed structure is a vague description of such a profound concept. Music incorporates math, history, and science to say the least. It is an art that has touched nearly everyone in the world in some aspect. Learning about it is more than just one lesson. It encompasses many lessons that are important around the world.

The Musical

Hello! Welcome to! In the past, we were all about making sure that we were covering the great independent music and musicians out there, and giving them good play.

So, in the spirit of keeping that part of the effort alive, we thought some traditional Vietnamese music might be just the ticket for our opening post. This is really pretty, and extremely relaxing. The video is called Vietnamese Dan Bau Music. Please enjoy!